Creating an extended salesforce

When you delight your customers, you will find that they become an extension of you or your sales force. Experience shows that when a customer receives great attention they become an ambassador and they spread the word of how good the experience was!

Here are some thoughts on how to create customer ambassadors:

  • Better, quicker, cheaper and faster (er’s) are becoming almost a commodity item – customers, as well as the er’s, want to experience – Imagination, Innovation and Inspiration – The I’s!
  • Build up a network of associates and valued partnerships with other complementary suppliers that you can recommend – making sensible introductions to other quality providers that don’t compete with you will demonstrate that you care!
  • Be sure to return calls and emails within an acceptable time frame – that should be within the day!
  • Take time to build your personal brand – see the related fact sheet.
  • Keep in touch and feed through information that brings value and informs your customers.
  • Make the experience memorable – that often means giving something that was not expected – this delivers the “WoW” – it does not necessarily have to cost money!
  • Throw innovation at customer problems and constantly think of new and fresh approaches that will help you stand out from the crowd.
  • Practice the concept of customer visualisation – what would your customer want to hear – this helps you to press the right buttons!
  • Remember that the customer wants an experience – don’t fall into the ‘me too’ brigade!
  • Remember that personal relationships are the basis upon which great businesses are made – 70% of a customers’ decision to buy is based on how you treat them. Referrals and repeat business are the most satisfying routes to securing revenue – LOWER COST OF SALES!

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