Chase success not money

As you spring into action in the quest for your vision, its important to dedicate 100% of your efforts to achieving your dream. If the route is not as direct as you may wish, with failures to overcome and barriers to negotiate, you are still heading towards the ultimate prize. It’s also important to make sure that you keep your vision and values intact, so that when you reach your goal, you can enjoy it to the full with a clear conscience that you achieved it in the right way.

There’s one factor associated with the success that cannot only easily distract you from your journey, and deflect your efforts away from your vision, but also dull your sense of triumph on completion of your mission – and that’s money.

Being solely motivated by money will blind you to your original vision, and you will veer off in pursuit of monetary gain to the detriment of your real dream. So bright is money’s light and so strong its pull, that you can believe you’re on course to fulfil your vision, whereas in fact all your energy is being dictated towards accumulating as much cash as possible. The problem is that, as you can never have enough money, there is no end game or ultimate fulfilment.

In your quest for money, you’ll overlook the importance of relationships, and the needs of others. It can fuel greed, jealousy, insincerity, selfishness and deception. Anyone solely motivated by financial gain runs the risk of alienating themselves from others and being viewed as self-centred and inconsiderate. No matter how successful you are as accumulating riches, is this real success?

Financial gain could well be a byproduct of your journey towards achieving your vision, and can certainly help fuel your quest, but you should always see it in this way and make sure your efforts are focused on realising your real dream, as that is where the real satisfaction lies.

Make MONEY your God and it will plague you like the DEVIL.

“Henry Fielding”

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