Think now

Although it pays to prepare thoroughly for any task you do, taking this to extremes will only slow you down and could be confusing. The best approach to look at the information to hand and the skills at your disposal, then plan a course of positive action. Looking too deeply into the past or worrying about the future can clod your thinking and affect your focus.

Planning ahead is important, and you do need to consider the milestones on the route to realising your vision. But becoming preoccupied with what might happen is a waste of your valuable energy and can raise your stress level for no reason. After all, you have no control over events until they present themselves to you.

The same goes with looking back at previous encounters and analysing their outcomes too closely. At the point of failure or success, it’s definitely wise to look at the factors that came into play and inform your future performance. But overly dwelling on the past successes can breed arrogance and an invincibility complex, whereas harbouring regrets over past failures can be ultimately self-defeating.

Analysis at the time is key, but then it’s vital to more on and stay focussed on the present. After a great victory or crushing defeat, most successful football managers – and players for that matter – will say they will learn from the experience, but will then immediately focus on the next game. Similarly, although winning the leagues is their goal, their next game is their priority. Living for now hones your focus and preparation, while moving you on to your next task more swiftly and effectively.

Children have neither a past nor a future.  Thus they ENJOY the PRESENT – which seldom happens to us.

“Jean de la Bruyère”

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