Confronting your fears

Virtually anyone that has succeeded in their profession, career or sport has had to overcome their inner fears and anxieties. These will be personal to you, and you need to take action to overcome them or run the risk of them holding you back from what you want to achieve.

In many instances, fear is an emotion you create in your own mind and it often results from alack of confidence in your abilities to handle situations or anxiety about the outcomes. This leads to worry and negative thoughts, acting as a barrier to personal progression. The emotional turmoil created by fear stuns your personal growth, imposes limits on your beliefs and leads to a lacklustre performance that will restrict you from achieving your aims.

Getting into the habit of confronting your fears will give you the chance to prove to yourself what you are capable of and help you to release your negative thoughts. This allows you to move forward towards your vision.

You’ll need to condition your mind to overcome the fears that hold you back, by getting into the habit of listening to and acknowledging them, and then questioning how real they are. Once you have taken positive steps to embrace your fears and overcome them by proving to yourself that they are only in your mind, almost anything becomes a possibility.

To CONQUER fear is the beginning of WISDOM

“Bertrand Russell”

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