Sales growing?

If your sales are not growing you need to ask yourself:

  • Do your products and services align to the needs of your customer?
  • Are the markets and customers needs changing?
  • Are you building lifetime value with your existing customers?
  • Are you doing it right?

Some thoughts …

Your value proposition should engage the customer and should be constructed with their needs as the focal point of the message.

The value proposition underpins the core messages of all your communication with customers.

The value proposition should communicate your point of difference.

Your competitive advantage should be embraced in the value proposition.

The value proposition must embrace both the old and new school of selling –

  • Features and Benefits (old school but still very relevant)
  • Impact and Evidence (new school)
  • FBIE – model is how we should be thinking

Impact – try to demonstrate a return on investment to the customer (ROI).

Evidence – show me! Give me examples! Testimonials, case studies.

A clear value proposition provides the basis of evidence based selling.

Great sales people articulate the value proposition with total clarity.

The value proposition is the most important tool of selling – it’s the basis of why you are sat in front of the customer!

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