Handling failure & rejection

Learning how to handle the tough times on the journey towards your vision when things don’t go to plan can help to strengthen your mindset, reduce our negative thoughts and prevent your self-confidence and drive from suffering.

When you embark on following your passion, like the many successful people who’ve gone before you, you must accept from the outset that rejection and failure will feature on the route to ultimate achievement. Some days you will inevitably feel that they energy going into realising your vision is almost inversely proportional to success.

Entrepreneurs in the world of business will regularly talk about the constant rejection from customers. Consider the ambitious new graduate who sends their CV to numerous employers with constant feedback of: “Thanks, but no thanks.” Success in the world of cinema and theatre has seen many a global star emerge from literally hundreds of failed auditions.

Rejection must be viewed as a temporary setback in our lives. You must avoid becoming disheartened by a negative result and view it as a learning experience – one that you can take something from and share with others.

It’s natural to get annoyed with yourself and by hyper critical of your performance. Watch your favourite sports star the next time they fall short of the mark. You can see it written all over their face, or watch them giving themselves a good telling off. For them, rejection and failure acts as a wake-up call, pushing them to greater heights next time. Use negative situations to positive effect, as motivation to improve.

Failure is success if we LEARN from it

Malcolm S. Forbe

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