I can do it! Self belief & awareness

Believing that we can achieve bigger and better things is always a good starting point for self – progression.

The most common factor that will hold you back is “YOU”. However self – awareness is a great quality, you must recognise and admit to needing help and assistance from others. Great tuition is vital to self – progression.

Some thoughts:

  • Do away with limiting beliefs. Don’t convince yourself that you can’t do it.
  • If you tell yourself you can’t achieve that next goal then you are setting yourself up to fail.
  • Take small steps forward in weak areas and keep pushing the boundaries.
  • Plug your skills – gap were necessary by seeking the support of others you respect.
  • Be proud of your personal achievements and keep reminding yourself of the successes.
  • Give yourself a pat on the back when you achieve.
  • Surround yourself with people that you admire and believe you can learn from.
  • Take criticism as a GIFT – It helps you address under performance. Take action to put it right!
  • Self – belief must always be tinged with humility. If not you will be perceived as a big head!
  • Just get stuck in and have a go. Keep telling yourself you CAN. Learn from your mistakes and be aware of what needs to be done to correct short falls in performance.


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