Winning Attitudes – characteristics of success

Over the years Winning Pitch has studied the attitudes and behaviours of Winning Entrepreneurs.  Here are the characteristics we commonly find:

Some thoughts:

They often set out with the end game in mind.  Total clarity as to what they want to achieve is embedded within their makeup. They often view strategy as:

  • Steady
  • Aim
  • Fire

And in this order!

They set out to be different and they sell their differences.  Whilst their product or service may not be unique the way they deliver it or their business model does stand out from the crowd.

They are driven by a desire to win.  This is underpinned by passion and love for what they do.

They always maintain a sense of hunger for that next deal or opportunity.

They live in the Customers World and know which buttons to press within the markets they operate.

The invisible forces of hunger, drive, determination, desire and creativity are woven throughout the Winning Mind.

Nothing comes easy – hard graft and personal responsibility is vital.

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