Brave New World

Things aren’t what they used to be! The relatively simple, predictable, slow moving business environment of the past is precisely that – of the past. Today’s environment is experiencing a pace of change never seen before. For forward thinking entrepreneurs it presents massive opportunities. For those who do not embrace new thinking and new ways of doing things will wither away into the masses.

Winning Pitch is dedicated to driving the growth agenda and working with those entrepreneurs and businesses who have a passion to change the world in which they operate. Where are you on the growth curve?

Growth – high energy looking for new markets and customers
Need to change – markets becoming more competitive and sales need a kick
Danger zones – sales are levelling off and time for something different
Turn round – sales are falling rapidly, need a new business model
Too late – disconnection with markets and customers – We hope not!

To manage a high growth business today means coping in an environment that is characterised by:

Competitive pressures – the emerging markets are no longer emerging, they have emerged! Competing on price is going to be difficult
Customers have more choice – customers are more demanding and have more choices so why should they buy from you?
Product and service differentiation – is becoming difficult and we must provide propositions that are memorable
New technology – the emergence and exponential growth of digital technology means that new business models are providing new and more rapid routes to market. Many new businesses are global from day one of trading
Ers .vs. Is – Cheaper, quicker, faster, better are now commodity. Businesses should aim to blow customers’ minds through application of innovation, imagination and inspiration

The memorable principle states that we remember things that are outstandingly different – This is the new world of business – Think Different and make it happen!

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