The fire inside you … momentum

It is a fact that confidence speaks very loudly to potential customers and partners. If you feel bad about yourself then that also will quickly become obvious. An ability to feel good, express confidence and deliver a motivated performance completes the picture.

On the flipside, a lack of focus, direction and motivation are often a by-product of what can often be a very difficult job.  The role of business development is probably one of the most visible areas of any business where both success and failure are clear for all to see.

But we’ve all been there; missing opportunities preys heavily on the mind of anyone actively involved in the business acquisition arena. It’s those business development professionals who possess a true streak of resilience that are the ones that reap the benefits in the long term.

How we manage our affairs outside the job also impacts significantly on performance. Our family, finances and health all have a direct impact on how effective we are.

Inner and outer confidence are drivers of momentum building, and ensuring that a high drive is maintained when things get tough is a vitally important lesson for every business development professional to learn.

Each of us has a unique personal brand that is imprinted on a prospective customer’s mind. That brand must be worked on and modified to suit the characteristics and personality of the buyer we are dealing with.

It is the degree of comfort that we have with our personal brand that makes each one of us unique. It is what’s called ‘just being yourself’. Our natural talent, energy and drive flow freely from just being ourselves – its only when we try to put on an act or try to be something or someone that we are not, that things go wrong.

We’ll go on to see how we can find this natural state of balance and ultimately achieve a state of sustained peak performance. Not only will this help you professionally, it can also create greater freedom of thinking and attitude in all elements of your life.

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