Being decisive

Your success is not only highly dependent on the decisions that you make, but also the speed and clarity with which you make them. Delaying making a decision can start to create a mental bottleneck, which can lead to confusion and a deep feeling of being overwhelmed. You must clear this blockage by being decisive, or your self-confidence can be undermined. This will make it more difficult to make further decisions, and your performance will suffer.

By acting quickly and firmly, you become liberated and far more gets achieved. Plus others will be impressed by your strength of character and courage. You may well be tempted to delay making a decision because you feel that you would be able to make a better judgement at some point further down the line. While this may have some merit, you must avoid procrastination as this can halt performance, have a negative effect on colleagues and dilute your effectiveness.

Balance must be achieved as some decisions do need more time and careful consideration than others. For example, beginning a new job or becoming self-employed can have massive impact on your life for years to come. When choosing a career or vocation or, indeed, trying to progress one you already have, your decisions must be made in line with the goals that you have set. This means you cannot become a successful athlete if you decide to train only once a week or become an accomplished medic without deciding to commit to ongoing learning. Making good decisions involves self-discipline, focused attention and clear thinking.  

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