Making a connection

What do we mean by Customer Connectivity?

Well, it’s an attempt to demonstrate that to be successful in business development we must acquire the skills of engagement with prospects and make a connection with them.

The golden rule of successful connectivity hinge on three fundamentals:

An ability to seek out prospective customers and markets is the starting point in any connectivity process. In simple terms, we must find sensible things to tell them and win the battle with a reasoned debate about how you and your offer will meet their needs.

The task, however, doesn’t finish here. It’s at least three times more expensive to win a new customer that it does to keep an existing one happy. It’s crucial, then, to employ strategies that ensure that converted prospects – in other words, customers! – Keep coming back for more.

It’s a truism, but profitability will grow and orders will keep coming in if customers are looked after. Customer connectivity builds on the simple principles that:

  • The right people have been approached
  • They are approached in a manner that they can see real benefit in talking to you
  • You can engage and talk authoritatively about your organisation, its products and services
  • You can diagnose their needs and provide effective solutions that can often make them look good in the process
  • You present your case in a cohesive and lucid manner
  • You ask questions that are pertinent and that demonstrate experience
  • You convert ideas and concepts into a purchase order

Creativity play and important role in all aspects of the connectivity process. It not only leads us to approach customers and clients with a freshness of thinking; it also pushes us to develop tactics that differentiate us from our competitors.

Creativity is all about changing the way we think. It can also be about how we can use problem solving to benefit the people that we want to work with. In later sections of the book we’ll share some simple creative tactics that will help position you closer to the prospect in order to beat the competition.

Building and maintaining relationships is the key to long-term, sustainable business development. Underpinning successful relationships is the ability to deliver your promises on time. It should be one of your key tasks to build those relationships and achieve a synergistic relationship with targets and customers.

This can only be achieved by obtaining an understanding of what your client or customer is trying to achieve, then marshalling you and your company’s resources to delivering true value within a given budget.

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