I know what it’s all about

In our blog last week we talked about Functional Mastery.

The key to Functional Mastery is making sure that you fully understand your offer. What makes what your business does better than the next company? Can you talk authoritatively about what you’ve got? Do people really enjoy meeting with you to discuss how your company’s product or service can help them?

Successful business developers enjoy relationships with buyers because they talk authoritatively and help them solve their problems.

“Solve someone’s problem and you have a friend for life.”

Think about a positive experience when you’ve really wanted to buy something; a new car, or a music system, or whatever. Wasn’t part of the fun engaging in discussions with the sales person who really knew what they were talking about?

Functional mastery is the art of developing this capability so that the prospective buyer needs and wants to talk to you because you know how to improve their performance.

Excellence in business development is highly dependent on the ability to solve a buyer’s problem, because, after all, most people want an easy life, and your prospect is no different.

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