Pointers to business development success

Pointers to Success

It is worth pointing out that there are two primary themes to success in Business Development. These themes marry practical selling skills with the acquisition of core personal competencies.

Theme 1 – the tools of the trade

There are a number of tried and tested sales tools that can assist us to do our job better. Market research and intelligence, database management, questioning techniques, presentation aids and brochures are all tools of the business developer’s trade. Learning how and when to use them are competencies that we must develop.

Theme 2 – Personal development

 Using the tools of the trade in isolation is pointless if you don’t posses the appropriate social skills. The best brochure or PowerPoint presentations are useless if the person driving them cant communicate, build relationships or cant – metaphorically, at least! – be bothered to get out of bed. Balancing the tools of the trade with inner personal development is equally crucial for success.

It’s all about balance

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