Key points for customer focus

How do you become a genuinely customer focused company?  Try the following checklist.

Define your Customer Road Map Be clear on your route to market and how you will reach customers
Organised Chaos Get out of the office and talk to customers.  Don’t just rely on your sales team for feedback
Be Lean, Stay Lean Observe customers and listen to customers.

See the world from their perspective

Recrank the Handle Sales activities must spearhead your growth.

You need to continually find, win and keep new customers

Use Everyone’s Brains Support your sales team.  Make sure they have the training and the back up to outperform the competition.
Treasure your Cash and Financing Growth Meet customer expectations, get things right first time
Review and Evaluate Make sure that you are easy to do business with and that your quality products are backed up with first class service and support
Delegate and Develop Find out where customer’s have problems and then match your products and services to those problems
Protect your Crown Jewels Develop a unique selling proposition.  Be genuinely different
Use IT Communicate the benefits and the payback customers will enjoy when they use your products.  Provide hard evidence to support your claims
Play by the rules Cherish and develop your key account customers.  Build excellent partnership type relationships with such customers.
Sense of Urgency YCDBSOYA


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