Deliver a clear proposition

Success involves people and organisations having to sell what they have to offer – this could be your skill, a product or service. This term frightens many, as it conjures images of unethical smooth-talking individuals manipulating others to get their own way. This is not the case. A great pitch is grounded in ethical behaviour fused to a mindset of offering real value through a passionate belief in what you have to offer.

Personal and professional progression means that you will frequently be in a situation where you have to pitch for what you want. Applying for a career promotion, a place on the school board or attracting new customers fundamentally means you are in competition and there is a need to sell. If you don’t adopt a selling mindset and carefully prepare your pitch, then you will struggle to get what you want out of life.

You need to embrace the pitch mentality. This isn’t about becoming an archetypal salesperson or overselling. It’s about distilling your offer and sharing your passion in a clear, logical, engaging and convincing manner. Simply going through this process can help to give you focus and direction. Convincing others of the benefit of your talent, idea, product or service is an integral component to achieving your goals.

Make sure that you practice your pitching skills to enhance your chances of success. It will put you in a stronger position to fend off any competition.


A WISE man proportions his BELIEF to the EVIDENCE.

“David Hume”

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