Clear Purpose & Direction

Our last few ‘Pathfinder’ blogs have talked about Clear Purpose and Direction.  Here is a round up of key points to consider:

THINK BIG – stand back and see the big picture.  Understand what you need to focus on in order to be a winner in your sector

MAP THE FUTURE – create a motivating vision of your future, paint a picture of your company in five years time

PLAY TO YOUR STRENGTHS – chose how and where to compete, focus on opportunities that match your particular skills and experience

CONTINUOUS LEARNING – invest in learning and development, it’s the ultimate source of competition advantage

AIM HIGH – set demanding, motivating goals

FOCUS – LESS IS MORE – set objectives only for the make or break areas – your ‘Vital Few’

SET OUT YOUR VALUES – develop some specific Company Values, the behaviours you need in order to achieve  your breakthrough goals.  Live them!  Insist everyone else in the business lives them too

BE DIFFERENT – stand out from the crowd, do things differently

STAY ENTREPRENEURIAL – keep searching for new, related opportunities

GO INTERNATIONAL – don’t limit yourself to the UK.  Find out who needs your products and services overseas – and sell to them as well

ALL PULL TOGETHER – A WINNING TEAM – remember to communicate and deply your strategy.  Get everyone on board.


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