Tap into key mindsets

To become a great leader and motivator, you need to build on creating the optimum environment for your people to operate in by also becoming highly connected to it and your team.

Leading a team means that connectivity is required at many different levels. As well as being in tune with the needs, views and aspirations of the people who are offering you key support in pursuit of your goal. It’s also necessary to develop close links to other groups that are vital to your success. These include your audience – the customers or other groups of people that are directly buying, using or benefiting from what you are doing. Understanding their mindset means you can deliver a far better service.

Then there are those who are not part of your organisation or group, but also have an influence over your level of success. You must recognise and carefully manage the needs of these stakeholders to make the journey to realising your vision as smooth as possible.

Good, strong leadership involves acknowledging, understanding and managing all the different groups, that play a part in your success. You need to develop and empathy for them to an appreciation of their thinking by listening and interpreting what you head. Immersing yourself in these networks will provide first-hand experience of their drivers and motivators, and you’ll be better equipped at delivering what they need in support of your mission.

There are two ways of SPREADING LIGHT: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects is

“Edith Wharton”

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