Shun Arrogance

Although you may start off well, with a great base for good leadership on which to build, it’s important to make sure that you continue and develop this path, rather than succumbing to arrogance by letting success go to your head. It is common to see people who enjoy sustained periods of success change their attitude and find themselves repelling the people that once held them in high esteem.

Individuals that become intoxicated by their own self importance run the risk of alienating others. And when this stretches to your close group or team, it can significantly hinder future success. Such arrogance can also result in copycat behaviour in your people, creating a bad atmosphere, infecting and external dealings and putting off others.

Individuals who embrace such an arrogant approach enter a danger zone in their career and life. Peer groups will start to talk, and the word will quickly spread. Personal and supportive networks built over time can start to dismantle as people start to distance themselves.

Avoid this by remaining grounded in your life and career. Celebrate the successes you achieve, but be careful not to develop a superior positioning to others. Remember that there is a fine dividing line between confidence and arrogance. SO listen to how you speak to others, how you relate to them, what you say about yourself and how you describe your achievements. Be aware of your language and how you interact with others. Empathy builds relationships and gains the respect from your peer group. Arrogance hinders personal development and friendships. So don’t stray into the dark side, as people will turn their back on you.

HUMILITY is a sign of a great leader “Jim Collins”

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