Laying the foundations

Key to attracting the right talent, motivating it to perform as best it can, and retaining it, is being an inspirational leader. To achieve this, you need the right foundations on which to base your leadership platform and ethos.

It’s all about creating the best possible environment in which to lead your team and help it flourish. First, you have to make sure that the working atmosphere is conducive to getting the most from your people. How you conduct yourself will have a direct impact on your team. If you are upbeat, positive, dynamic and supportive, this will galvanise your team into behaving in the same way and drive your mission forward. People will thrive in such an atmosphere, and look forward to each day. Furthermore, as you’ll be practicing what you preach, you’ll gain respect and encourage loyalty.

It’s also vital to show you care by giving regular positive feedback, helping people develop and improve, and asking for their ideas and opinions on everything from their working environment to making sure everyone knows what’s going on, so that no one feels left out from decisions or is unsure of their role, while being fully aware of how things are progressing.

Finally, they key is consistency in all of the above, which can be achieved by laying down a strong vision for your team, along with a set of values that everyone agrees with and can commit to. This should be backed by clear, realistic targets and an agreed reward and recognition programme, along with regular performance reviews. This combination of positivity, support, encouragement, awareness and direction should help you to lead in the right way and establish a winning team.

Leadership is intentional INFLUENCE

“Michael McKinney”

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