Respect the views of others

As a driven individual with a clear set of goals and an unstinting belief in your own vision and values, it can be tempting to build a team in your image. This is unadvisable because you need a mix of skills that are more likely to be found through enlisting the help of a variety of people, and also because simply having ‘yes men’ on board will not provide an extra dimension to your thinking.

Successful teams are built o individuals with differing outlooks and opinions. Fusing ambitious mindsets with complementary team skills provides a bedrock for success. An eclectic mix of personalities and views also brings value to team dynamics. It stimulates innovative thinking and creative thought.

This will mean that you’ll have to learn to tolerate people who may hold different views from our own. A melting pot of views and opinions can be vital in solving future problems quickly, and in questioning and reviewing processes to make sure you’re on the best possible route to success.

This acceptance of others without judging them can also be an extremely liberating experience for your own mind. It can take your thinking into new areas and open your mind to new learning experiences. When we judge others we create our own internal dialogue that stops us form moving forward. That’s why its important to remember that it’s the results, not the person’s views that matter!

Encouraging people to express their views, no matter how disparate, creates an ideas-driven culture that uses all those involved to the full, while making people feel that their opinions are valued and that they are making a key contribution to the mission. Team dynamics and spirit are underpinned by the personality of the active individuals – diversity of thought must be encouraged. The key is to effectively manage the individuals and create a culture of openness, tolerance ad inclusion.

He who wants a rose must RESPECT the thorn

“Persian Proverb”

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