Mindset – The Success Factor

We all know more or less what we mean by success. Success looks attractive. Successful people are respected by their community. Successful people look fulfilled. Successful people are somehow better than everyone else. We want to be successful.

Success means very different things to each of us. And crucial to becoming successful is defining for ourselves what success actually looks like. We need to be honest and realistic otherwise we risk setting ourselves up to fail.

“No matter how hard I try”, for example, “I am not good enough at football to ever become a professional footballer”, so there is simply no point in defining my own success as becoming one. Success is not money either; while it is true that many successful people become wealthy, there are many wealthy people who are far from successful. Neither is success the same as happiness, though the two qualities are surely closely linked.

Success is really all down to your mindset, as this will control your actions and your dealings with others. Without the right mindset, your journey will be a constant uphill struggle, and any barriers that will undoubtedly appear will be far more difficult to negotiate. Mentally preparing yourself for the hard road to success will help you to overcome anything that is thrown at you along the way.

You need to think long and hard about what success means for you.

To give yourself the best chance of success, you need to build your future on the strongest foundations possible. But this isn’t about people, money or power (although, if used wisely, all three can help you on your journey to fulfilment), it’s about you.

This is your mission and your destiny that you’re taking control of, so more than anything you need a vision that will shine like a beacon over everything you do, driving you forward to realise your dream. It has to be your ultimate goal; something you’ve always wanted to do and somewhere you’ve yearned to be. The mere thought of it will push you onwards when the going gets tough, help you to overcome the biggest challenges and triumph in the face of adversity. Andy when you reach your destination, it will be something that will be worth all the time and effort you’ve put in along the way.

So before you set off on your road to success, you need to know where you’re going and have a plan of how to get there. In these blogs you’ll find out how to define your vision of success and map out your journey to making it a reality, so that you can venture out with real purpose, direction and the confidence that you have what it takes.

Your VISION of where or who you want to be, is the greatest asset you have (Paul Arden)

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