Winning Pitch has a wealth of insight.

It has never been easier to start a new business. Under the current economic conditions, however, making a success of that business is a tough, and often lonely, journey. You may find success in your new website, first order, first employee, first international foray or first million.

At Winning Pitch we have helped over 10,000 entrepreneurs, start-ups and existing business understand what success means and how to take the right steps in achieving those goals along the way.

Since 2005, we have studied the behaviours and strategies of the world’s fastest growing companies. We have developed intellectual property through our research led approach, which has underpinned significant national/regional public sector growth and scaling programmes. Our delivery is based on our leading edge thinking with evidence demonstrated in the resulting economic impact.

We have a wealth of insight, experience and cutting edge tools that we’d like to share with you.

Growing a business requires a robust mental framework – a clear vision of what success looks like. This approach facilitates leaders to focus on creating the benefits from profitable and sustainable growth – delivering shareholder returns which leads to individuals moving closer to liberation and ultimately financial freedom. Embracing this mindset delivers better performance and enhanced shareholder returns as a minimum

In future blogs we will provide comment and insights into real issues affecting businesses today – from developing the right team to raising investment.

Preparation is key, embracing the Winning Pitch principles delivers a finely tuned business that either makes more money or attracts a buyer.  A well run financially sound business with a strong brand, good team and viable growth story becomes a truly valuable commodity.

For our public sector partners, we have a clear vision of where growth potential exists and how to transfer that latent ambition into real growth. We deliver tangible outcomes through all our support activities – over 15,000 jobs created and more than £400m of GVA.

“Winning Pitch were a key partner in delivering GrowthAccelerator and the Business Growth Service for BEIS. They made a strong and significant contribution to the development and delivery of this large and complex programme. Feedback from customers demonstrated that delivery was of a very high quality.”

Kevin Sharp, Programme Director BEIS.

“As one of just 3 Winning Pitch had the highest rate of customer satisfaction amongst all the providers, delivering some of the highest retention and completion rates in the programme. They had an excellent grasp of their brief and demonstrated a strong commitment to delivering the programme’s outcomes despite ever changing requirements. Personally, I found the team supportive and a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend them as a business partner.”

Gavin Dollin, Director BEIS

Winning Pitch exists to help businesses and the people behind them grow faster and further than they imagined possible. We provide trusted advice from ambitious start-up through to successful scale-up.

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